Evening MAGAthread – LAW and ORDER Edition

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Evening MAGAthread – LAW and ORDER Edition

Good eveninig, 'pedes! /u/qq222 here again! I must have done well last time to get invited to come back. Feels excellent, fam.

Trump is doing it, everyone! He is cracking down on immigration! We are going to see crime go down and our cities safe again! Trump is delivering on yet another promise! There were even 160 arrested in California of all places! Everyday we are a little better than the day before. This is real progress folks!

Speaking of our cities being safe again:

The Curtis Deal shooting is a damn shame. Another of America's youths caught up in gang culture, pulling a gun on police, and having his life ended. This is exactly why we need to support our police, crack down on gang crime, and bring jobs back to our inner cities. We can make our inner cities great again!

Here is some music for you, pedes!

Sell Out, by Reel Big Fish

Star Roving, by Slowdive

Smooth Criminal, by Michael Jackson

Brother, by Murder by Death


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