LATE NIGHT CREW 2/11/2017: SJW Beauty Pageant Edition!!!

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LATE NIGHT CREW 2/11/2017: SJW Beauty Pageant Edition!!!

What's up, party people? Are you tired of winning yet? It's your host with the most, /u/TrumpCardUpMySleeve and tonight we're celebrating the gorgeous girls of the Left in our first ever SJW Beauty Pageant!!!

First, some rules…

This is not a LGBT-bashing session. We love our LGBT centipedes, don't we, folks? President Trump doesn't care who you fuck, as long as you identify as an American. So why should we?

Second, absolutely no-doxxing or publication of personal information or location. No one would want to contact these monsters, but black it out nonetheless.

Finally, there must be XX-chromosomes involved, no silly MTF trans-sexual mental patients, only real XX 'women'. That said, vaginas are optional, since we all know they love to cut them off* and get peenies.

*Must be why the left loves radical islam so much. Can't wait for the 'acid-in-the-face' trend to hit the SJW scene around the time of President Trump's second inauguration, because these SJWs will get even hotter!

Remember, MAGAimg is our image host of choice. Let's support them: MAGAimg

Here are some examples of repulsive creatures. I'm not liable for any vomit that may occur:

So get your barf buckets ready, sharpen your Google-fu, and let's count down the hottest butches, pink-haired mental patients, and otherwise androgynous liberal creatures. Let's see the best worst that left has to offer.


Finally, There's this, just for fun 🙂


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