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This is /u/DrJarns and it seems our based Mods have apparently lost their minds and given me my first MAGAThread hosting gig so I have finally BROKE MY CHERRY! Special thanks to /u/OhSnapYouGotServed for loaning me the TRUMP TRAIN for a few hours today!

The last couple of days have been crazy with the Libtards and the MSM in total meltdown mode over the unfortunate resignation of General Flynn and trying to turn an 'Illegal Intelligence Leak' into the next Watergate scandal (which it is not). So while I want to focus on the leak aspect on this I also wanted to cover something more positive that has been in the news this past week… DEPORTING ILLEGALS!

I'm calling this Taco Thursday in honor of some very positive news over the week from the ICE agency which has been making a great deal of progress. Take a cue from our Fearless Leader and whip yourself up a Taco Bowl or visit your favorite Taco Stand and MAGA!

I will be posting some links to both of these subjects and do my best to update with anything new that comes out. Feel free to change the subject and Shitpost your hearts out, enjoy the ride!


This past week has brought some encouraging news from the fight against illegal immigrants and ICE has really stepped up their game. News of a slowdown at the border to the point that the Border Patrol was able to shut down a detention camp! This just goes to show you that when we enforce our laws the problem will help take care of itself and we are just getting started. Along with the good news comes more tragic news of crimes by illegals against our citizens and we have to keep up this fight until this stops!

ITS HAPPENING: U.S. Authorities Begin Arresting Illegals Protected By Obama Program… MORE TO COME!

ICE, Border Patrol Continue To Nab Bad Hombres Along U.S.-Mexico Border!

NEW SHERIFF: Border Crossings Fall, Detention Center Shuts Down … If We Enforce Our Laws They Won't Be Tempted To Come Here!

ICE: SoCal raids net 160 foreign nationals, of which 150 had criminal histories including previous deportation, sex crimes, weapons charges and assault

Driver In Fatal DUI Crash Of An Indiana Grandfather Told Police She Has Been Living In The U.S. ILLEGALLY For Four Years!

ICE TIP WEBPAGE Thanks /u/Kim_Jongs_Dong – Report Any Activity Related To Illegals Including Employers, gang activity, whatever. Lets help them out!


This has been troubling and we need to keep hammering on these leaks until the MSM is forced to cover this and congress does a real investigation to weed these traitors out and send them to prison!

NBC takes a bold stance against Fake News – no collusion between Trump campaign and Russia

Former CIA Analyst: Yes, Former Obama Officials Were 'Directly Involved' In The Effort To Remove Flynn! (And I'll Say Their Names) – VIDEO

Media's Flynn-Russia Narrative Quickly Collapsing as FBI Reportedly Clears Former National Security Adviser

Judge Napolitano Slams The Intel Leaks And Leakers This Morning On Fox & Friends … Gives An Insightful View Of What Happened And What To Expect Now! – [06:49]


Starland Vocal Band – Afternoon Delight

Kid Rock – Born Free

Toby Keith – Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue

Today's NSFW Anthem – TEAM AMERICA Theme Song




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