Rise and shine, beautiful centipedes!

It's the start of another week in TRUMP AMERICA, and we can already know that it will be a full week of winning ahead of us!

Did everyone watch Trump's appearance in Melbourne, Florida yesterday? It felt great experiencing that rally vibe once again! In case you missed it (or want to relive it) here is the RSBN stream starting from the moment when our President and First Lady exited the plane. goosebumps (Sorry that the stream looks like you're watching the action from behind wax paper!)

This was easily one of my favorite photos from yesterday's event. HERE COME DAT PRESIDENT!

And for something else to watch in case you missed it (or relive again) you've gotta check out this interview clip of Marine Le Pen! "The true division is between patriots and globalists. I am on the side of patriotism."

Alright, I've got DJ Rsashe here with me and he's selected a few tunes for you to vibe on while you start your day and get the groggies out. Have a great one, winners!


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