Ben Garrison, “Why I Support President Trump..”

Ben Garrison, “Why I Support President Trump..”

People have asked me why I support Trump.

After all, he’s not in alignment with many Libertarian viewpoints. He could be called a nationalist because he puts the country first. How does this jibe with individualism? Well, it jibes just fine. After all, there can be no individuals if the country has no borders, unevenly applied laws, conflict due to massive immigration from disparate cultures and a Constitution that is ignored.

For far too long and especially under Obama, the United States has been sliding toward socialism and a Banana Republic controlled by the globalist deep state—also known as the shadow government. The Clintons epitomize corruption but nothing ever stuck (besides being impeached for lying about having sex with that woman) because the Clintons do the bidding of the elite.

Billions of dollars vanished (probably into her pockets) under Hillary's term as Secretary of State. She fanned the flames of Islamic terrorism. Hillary will lie even when the truth might better suit her. She has told colossal whoppers so huge that she could cause a lie detector to explode. (Hmmm…there’s a cartoon right there). The Clintons stole aid money from the Haitian people. Bill eagerly signed trade agreements that sent jobs overseas. The Clinton Foundation is a monument to graft. Hillary represents a vision of ever-bigger government. She has a collectivist, globalist vision of control and enslavement. Both Obama and the Clintons helped destroy the American Dream, and they enjoyed doing it.

Along came Trump—an populist outsider who wanted to enforce immigration laws, bring back jobs and refurbish our nation’s infrastructure. He marked the end the the mind control known as ‘political correctness.’ He also exposed the legacy corporate media for what it is: Organs of the Illuminati. The ‘main stream’ media continues to spew vicious lies, fake news and propaganda to keep the sheeple in line with the their masters’ globalist plans. They lost the election and have been exposed for what they are: Miserable, lying toadies who continue to lose viewers and readers. That’s good.

I was a Rand supporter early on, but he never gained traction. Gary Johnson? No thanks. He was a left-leaning Libertarian and I’m a right-leaning one. How could I support a man who can’t name a single world leader? Not even one he used to work with when he was governor of New Mexico. He can’t even remember Vincente Fox? Then he gave an interview talking with his tongue sticking out. WTF! The obvious choice was Trump. An alpha-male leader who knows how to make a good deal for the American people.

He will continue to be attacked as he tries to undo the damage done and rebuild the country. The left will not give him a chance because they consider him to be ‘Hitler.’ Because he expressed contempt for the lying press they claimed he was trying to end their free speech. Ridiculous. They claim he and Putin ‘hacked’ the election. Also ridiculous. These people are beyond reason and debate. They believe the legacy media is the penultimate source of truth. They are victims of cognitive dissonance. When truth and reality invade their preconceived, candy cane and lollypop notions about how the world should operate, they get angry and cling to their lies. They are hothouse flowers who will try to ruin your reputation or get you fired. They will de-friend you on Facebook, call you a ‘racist’ or ‘Nazi’ or even attempt to sucker punch you if you support the president. Do not confront or argue with such people—it’s hopeless. Instead we can help each other and perhaps convince some of those who aren’t so brainwashed. That’s the work we are doing.

Drain the swamp! Lock her up! Make America great again!

— Ben Garrison

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