Whose Meme is it Anyway? MAGAthread Edition

Whose Meme is it Anyway? MAGAthread Edition

This is not a usual MAGAthread – read below

Hello all, I'm /u/DrWeeGee and welcome to the first /r/The_Donald "Whose Meme is it Anyway" improv thread! (Special thanks to /u/OhSnapYouGotServed for the opportunity to host this shitposting thread)

For those who are new to this game, Whose Meme is based off of 'Whose Line is it Anyway', a reply based game, where one person puts up a scenario or prompt, to which the community gives their best joke response. Anyone can post their own prompt lines or prompt replies. Prompts and replies are encouraged to pertain to current events to maximize current-event-shitposting, but are not necessary.

An example of a prompt and a reply

"How Bernie Sanders can FINALLY win:"

Senior discount night at the local IHOP


Rules: one pre-selected prompt will be put down as the Top Kek Meme (TKM). The response with the most upvotes to the TKM will win a special flair 🎩 🐸 🎩 🐸! However; the TKM will not be advertised or highlighted in any way, so try and post funny replies to all prompts to maximize your chances at winning.

The winner will be chosen and announced in this post at the end of this MAGAthread!

Happy Memeing Centipedes!


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