LATE NIGHT CREW 2/27/17 – Can’t Cuck The Huck Edition

LATE NIGHT CREW 2/27/17 – Can’t Cuck The Huck Edition

Hello Patriot-pedes, I'm your late night host, u/US2A, and we're gonna keep the high-energy flowing…

While regressive hollywood millionaires are faux-whining about not getting paid to wear $125,000 designer gowns, are busy giving each other faux participation trophies, and faux-raging about, well everything, let's take a moment to recognize a top-notch shitposter… The Real Governator, The Down-home Huckapede, The Uncuckable Huckable — Former Governor MIKE HUCKABEE.

After dropping out of the primary race, he bent the knee and campaigned hard for our God-Emperor President Donald J Trump, even making sure to BTFO Ted Cruz during the convention.

Most current or former politicians are too worried about their fragile reputations to shitpost well, so they fail badly and embarrassingly when they try to get sassy (looking at you Little Marco Rubio). Instead, Huckabee took Trump's Master Troll course and hasn't looked back.

Here's a selection of Huckapede's top BTFO's:

Now it's your turn… so let's keep this party going and keep the shitposts flowing.

Tonight we're throwing it back to Reagan's presidency with these 80's "night" jams:

Lionel Richie – All Night Long

Corey Hart – Sunglasses at Night

Debarge – Rhythm of the Night